Life Drawings.

One of my most challenging and relaxing classes would have to be life drawing. Lately i've been trying to put as much effort into it as I can. In 4th year we are fortunate to have such a great teacher (Gerald Zeldin) who constantly pushes and inspires us to do the best work we can. I'm starting to see some improvements in my work because of this. Though I know there is plenty room for improvement. Any comments, critiques and tips are most welcome. Thanks

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EdoAvenir said...

nice life drawings man. I know what you mean about Gerry, he's so encouraging and he makes you want to try harder.

I really like the gestures man, i'd suggest for hte longer poses that you try to make the folds on the drapery wrap around the body more. Right now the clothing looks a bit flat and cardboardy.

Oh and yea it'd be great if i could get the files from the cd sometime. I'll bring the leyendecker book in this week too. Later man.